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Taking proper care of your contact lenses can help keep you and your eyes safe and healthy. resizeimage

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, it’s important that you know the facts about contact lens wear and care. When cared for properly, contact lenses can provide a safe and effective way to correct your vision. According to the CDC, there is no evidence to suggest that contact lens wearers are more at risk for contracting COVID-19 than eyeglass wearers as long as proper hygiene and safety methods are followed.

Follow these healthy habits to wear your contact lenses safely and help protect your eyes:

wash your hands

Wash your hands. Always wash your hands with soap and water before handling your lenses.

keep contact lenses away from water

Keep contact lenses away from all water. Water can introduce germs to the eyes through contact lenses. Remove contact lenses before swimming and avoid showering in them.

properly clean your lenses

Properly clean your lenses (if you wear a monthly/2-week replacement lens). Rub and rinse your contact lenses with contact lens disinfecting solution—never water or saliva—to clean them each time you remove them. Use only fresh contact lens disinfecting solution in your case—never mix fresh solution with old or used solution.

take care of contact lenses

Take care of your contact lens case (if you wear a monthly/2-week replacement lens). Clean your contact lens case by rubbing and rinsing it with contact lens solution—never water—and then empty and dry with a clean tissue. Store upside down with the caps off after each use.

By following the tips above, you can enable a safe and healthy contact lens wearing experience. We’re in this together. If you have any questions on the above tips or any questions about your personal contact lens wear and care, feel free to reach out to our office.